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Monday, May 2, 2011

Rain, Rain, Rain

All it does here is rain, rain, rain!!! For about the past month all it has done is rain. I am getting sick of water and am ready for sunshine. My family and I are cherishing the sun. Eventually I think the picture below is what our house and the land around it will look like. We miss Arizona for friends and right now, sun. Hope your days aren't as rainy as ours.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

City Exploring

We were able to go to the St. Louis city museum. There we could climb on the ceiling!!! We also slid down a huge slide, and went on a school bus hanging half way off the side of the building. There was a pond that we used stepping stones to get across. Water tried to spray us as we went across. This was only on the roof!!!!

Failed Attempt!!!

Since my mothers attempt to
blog often has failed I have decided to take over for her. I (Brooklyn) am here to save the day. Lydia is in 4th grade, Brendan in kindergarten, I am in 6th. Fritz (are yorkie)is driving parents insane with his accidents. Even though he is only a puppy, he still has the potential to learn. Mom and dad are convinced that will never happen but I know it will in time.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Trip to San Fran.

Girls with Taylor Swift obsessed Claira.

Brendan drying off with his cousin Hitch.

Taking a break and drying off from the hard work of fountain swimming.

Kids with cousins in a fountain in front of a building where Grandpa Daines went to school. No sign of campus security.

While in Job limbo and while waiting to start work in Indiana, we took a trip to visit Rob and Ruth. We started by making Easter eggs with Aunt Ruth and then went fountain hopping on Stanford's campus

I am sitting down late Christmas Eve after a busy December with both work, family traditions and activities. As I ponder the past year, it has been quite a year. There have been trials followed by great blessings. Our family is a better family than it was a year ago. I thought as a Christmas present to Tina I would try to get the Blog caught up over the past six months or so since we moved from Arizona to Indiana. So please don't hold these entrees up to Tina's standard.

Merry Christmas Tina!

I Love you, Paul.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Toothless in Arizona

Isn't she cute!! The other day Lydia asked me if the Easter Bunny was real! I said, "What do you think?" She said, "I don't think it is because the stores wouldn't let him in to buy candy if it was a real bunny!" I said, "Maybe he is a big bunny that hops on two feet." She agreed. She says he is a big and chubby bunny with chubby cheeks! So she does think he is real.

Also, as you can see she lost a few teeth. She has been toothless for a while. She has looked forward to being toothless because it took so long to happen. She hadn't lost a tooth until 2nd grade. All of her friends were loosing them in kindergarden and she wanted her name on the board for loosing a tooth, but it just wasn't happening. Now she can smile a big toothless smile. I think she is Adorable!!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

She Loves me? She Loves me NOT!!

Oh isn't the weather beautiful here in SUNNY Arizona!!! We have been riding our bikes to school this last week because of the nice weather and also because the girls hate riding the bus. Brendan has been going on these rides as well and is doing a great job riding his bike. He learned about a month ago how to ride without training wheels. Brendan is a very adventureous little kid he will try to do about anything. I guess he is a typical boy, but I am use to girls. Anyway, Shelly Chou ran over Brendan's (use to be pink bike) because he left it behind her car. So Paul hammered out the wheel and the thingamagig that the chain goes on, and it is working just fine. There is just a little swivel in the back tire which looks a little strange when you are riding behind him. So I was telling him about the swivel and he was not paying attention to the front of him (That kind of reminds me of his father) and he goes into the gravel and falls. So he is crying and saying that it was because of the rear wheel that he fell. I tried to explain to him that the front wheel is the one that would cause going into the gravel. He was not going to hear of it!!!! He just knew it was not his fault!!!! So we get to the school and he is still mad, which turns into him being mad at me, so I am trying to explain to him what caused it and he got furious.
Brooklyn then turns around and says mom stop causing a scene!! The thought came to my mind, "Oh here we go, she is embarrassed of her mother now!" So we get to where you park the bikes and she came over and gave me a love and kiss. I said, "I thought you were embarrassed of your mother and probably wouldn't want to show me affection in public. (Which honestly I wouldn't blame her I looked hideous) But she kissed me again and said Mom I love you! I thought it was so sweet. I will take anything a can get from that girl these days. With in seconds she will love me and hate me all in the same breath. So now maybe she isn't embarrassed of everything I do, but I am sure it is coming.